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Collaboration with corporates and knowledge institutes can create massive acceleration. You might think it’s difficult and time-consuming to find a right match. Not anymore!


TekDelta will help you find the right match, in a fast, friendly  and  free way. Our extensive network of corporates, knowledge institutes and startup hubs, is a source of many potential business opportunities.

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Direct access to relevant C-level corporate managers




Large network of committed and selected corporates




Our offer to tech startups is free of charge.


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TEKDelta Partners

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TekDelta is a joint initiative of Dutch corporates, knowledge institutes and the startup community. TekDelta connects tech startups to corporate experts and networks, in a fast, free and startup friendly way. It all started when Paul de Krom, CEO of TNO, visited Neelie Kroes, former Special Envoy of StartupDelta, with a very open attitude: how can we help each other in realising our ambitions? They came to the joint conclusion that support and easy access to corporate expertise and their networks was still largely lacking from the support ecosystem that exists for startups.


Out of this grew the concept TekDelta, which was piloted in 2016. Like a startup, TekDelta tested the prototype and finetuned its offer in interaction with startups, corporates and knowledge institutes. This resulted in the current offer of TekDelta, that fulfils both the needs of startups, just as much as the needs of its tech partners.


For startups


TekDelta creates fast, free and startup friendly access to corporate expertise & networks.


For startup hubs


With a focus on technology and being non-commercial, TekDelta is complementary to accelerator programs. TekDelta offers an extra channel to corporate expertise and networks for their startups. This could lead to great corporate-startups collaborations, and higher exit values.


For our corporate partners

TekDelta creates a new funnel of tech startups that are open for collaboration

TekDelta offers an environment to learn and create new partnerships with startups (hubs) and/or other corporates and knowledge institutes

TekDelta creates maximum exposure within the startup community

Interested to find out about opportunities of TekDelta? Please fill in the contact form or e-mail us at startups@tekdelta.nl.

We aim to respond to all requests within 24 hours.