Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management – ‘We’re looking for brilliant mobility solutions’

One of the latest organizations to join our network is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Min. IenW). They are committed to improving quality of life, access and mobility in a clean, safe and sustainable environment. With this interview, we introduce you to the team representing Min. IenW. Meet director of Innovation in Mobility Johan Jacobs and startup officers Dineke van der Burg and Paul Meijer. 

Can you briefly tell us about your role within the ministry? 

Johan Jacobs

Johan Jacobs: ‘As director of Innovation in Mobility, my work involves seizing opportunities that innovate mobility challenges. With my team we explore the desired and undesired impact of innovations, we dive in and help accelerate. An important part of my work is connecting people and organizations to accelerate the transitions for smart and green mobility and circularity’. 

Paul Meijer: ‘Both Dineke van der Burg and I, are startup officers within the ministry at the Innovation Unit. We also try to incorporate the ‘startup way of working’ into our ministry. This brings energy, speed and it connects us with the developments in the market. By setting out challenges, we ask the market for their solutions that tackle the societal issues we face. As a result, we get a quick overview of the development of innovations and solutions that exist in the market. With this information, we can give direction to our policy and, where necessary, adjust our laws and regulations accordingly. At the same time, it gives us access to a public-private network which is crucial for the transition to smart and sustainable mobility.’

What are the trends?

Johan: ‘The trends are mainly digitization and zero-emission solutions. For example, sharing data between providers of existing and new mobility services, road authorities and users and allows for new solutions and better service for travelers.’ Paul: ‘For instance, Sixt developed a reservation app that allows travelers in large cities to rent an electric shared car and only pay for use and not for parking. Dineke: ‘This illustrates the positive effect of Mobility as a Service, it provides a complete and cheaper alternative for individual car use and leads to more space in the city, clean air and fewer traffic jams!’

What are your innovation needs?

Dineke van der Burg

‘Dineke: ‘A brilliant solution that puts sustainable travel or sustainable (cargo) transport into practice! We are looking for creative and innovative startups, scale-ups and other entrepreneurs who want to accelerate the transition to sustainable travel and a circular economy with their solution. This can be by reducing the use of raw materials, traveling differently, e.g. more spread out or actively moving (reduce), repairing or reusing parts (reuse) or converting existing raw materials (recycle) and processing them in a new means of transport or fuel.’

Why did you join TekDelta?

Paul Meijer

Paul: ‘We aim to create an active network with brilliant partners who help us realize smart and green mobility on the road, in the air, on the waterway and rails. TekDelta is such a partner for us, as it already has an extended and high-quality community of tech startups, scale-ups, public and private partners. As a result, we hope to accelerate the transition to, among other things, sustainable mobility, circularity and climate adaptation (which are central to Min. IenW). The need to accelerate is very high to achieve the goals we have set!’

Do you have a tip for a startup that wants to work with an organization like the Min. IenW? And one for large organizations that want to innovate?

Paul: ‘Startups, start the conversation with us, once it is clear what we can do for each other we can help find ambassadors who will help you on your way in the organization. For large organizations, express your ambition with regard to the societal transition that you want to bring forward. Our ministry for example, works on smart and sustainable mobility, climate adaptation and the circular economy. This has started to trickle down into the organization and makes the work challenging and important.’ Johan: ‘And try to think ‘outside the box’, so be curious and tackle new things! ‘

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