Key Innovations That Change Our Moves

On the 22nd of June, we explored the endless possibilities that innovation can bring to the field of smart mobility and logistics. The Warming Up: Towards the Future of Smart Mobility & Logistics was an interactive event, packed with inspiring speakers and pitches. Moreover, all kinds of connections were made on the spot. In case you missed it, check out the 4 scale-ups that pitched their game-changing solutions below. Click here for the blog with the best quotes from our keynote speakers.

  • René Bruijne Simacan: ‘Logistics is not just about vehicles but about data for liveable cities.’ Simacan enables fast and secure digital cooperation with – and between – transport companies and shippers to tackle industry-wide challenges, such as reducing transportation costs, optimizing the transport supply chain and reducing CO2. Examples of their work includes spot on consumer notification and proof of delivery​, automated exception alerts, and management, guiding cargo vehicles through cities in the safest/cleanest/ fastest/available way.

  • Alex Pap XYZ Dynamics: ‘We realize the electrification of vehicles with our battery exchange system which also stores energy.’ XYZ Dynamics develops high-end electric powertrains which serve as retrofit packages. These retrofit packages are used as: Electric powertrain, to convert new and existing conventional commercial vehicles to electric or hybrid-electric. Or secondary energy storage modules, to operate “off the grid”.

  • Guido Sluijsmans NEXTdriver: ‘Humans are still the biggest cause of accidents and inefficient driving. With our technology, we change behavior within logistics which leads to more safety and cost savings.’ By coaching professional drivers in an innovative, data-driven way, NEXTdriver aims to eliminate unsafe driving behavior, minimize the number of traffic accidents, and reduce the total emission output of commercial vehicles.

  • Christian Rood Leyden Jar Technologies: ‘Batteries contain too little energy, limiting innovation and sustainability. We will be the ASML for batteries with our unique technology that consists of 100% silicon.’ Leyden Jar Technologies develops pure silicon anodes and its production technology, to boost the energy density of Li-ion battery cells for consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and residential energy storage. They set a new performance benchmark in the battery industry by improving 70%, reducing the costs by 20%, and the CO2 footprint by 85%.

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What’s next?

TekDelta members will participate in the matchmaking event TekDelta Connects on July 8th where the startups and large organizations will meet to explore business opportunities in one-on-one meetups. The next public event will be the ‘Warming Up’ on Key Enabling Technologies on September 17th. Want to know more and become part of the action? Get in touch via:

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