Recap of Warming Up: The Impact of Key Enabling Technologies: 

On the morning of the 17th of September, we organized the Warming Up session on Key Enabling Technologies (watch the recording of the event here).

The event was kicked off by Bas van de Starre (Birch) who gave us an insightful birds-eye view of the deep tech landscape in the Netherlands. How promising is the Dutch deep technology landscape? What areas have great potential and what about their start-up activity? Do startups find their way into the verticals in which the promise of impact is high? And how can public and private parties influence this? Throughout his talk, it became clear that startup ecosystems are complex and vary. Their differences should be taken into account and crossovers can improve chances. Patience is required and scale comes slow (until it doesn’t). Find out more about the winning strategies to intervene in the deep tech ecosystem by reading the full report.

The second keynote was by Picnic CTO Daniel Gebler. The online supermarket only just released that it has raised €600 million in a funding round by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Their exciting journey has taken on many deep tech challenges, like co-creating with their customers, distribution, logistics, and warehouse automation. Daniel also shared some of his learnings: 

‘If you are acting in deep tech then besides having a big dream, mission and vision you need to act small. That means really build step by step, which is especially in deep tech, pretty hard because making small steps on a very long journey won’t bring you too far but it is super important that you build it in very incremental steps. Secondly, while you are collecting all kinds of data and making data-driven decisions you must also complement this with a mission, cause you will never have enough data. Moreover, everybody is talking about AI, but consider data science as a very nice prototyping tool. Then launch quick and most importantly keep in mind that having a small team is not a limiting factor. Great products like Instagram, Whatsapp etc. come from small teams. Just start with a few developers and engineers. This gives you a great opportunity since you don’t have to build all the stuff that doesn’t work and focus on the stuff that deep tech-wise actually really works going forward.’ The last piece of advice for success: ‘stay realistic but super ambitious.’  

After being inspired by the keynotes we had three deep tech scale-ups (Samotics, Nowi and Waylay) and two startups (Linksight and Teratide) lined up to take the stage. 

  • Samotics has a mission to eliminate unplanned downtime and industrial energy waste. Their ingenious sensor & AI solution monitors the condition of assets and alerts when it detects failures or adverse operating conditions before downtime happens. The online dashboard offers additional insights into the condition, performance, and energy consumption of connected assets.
  • Nowi is leading in the field of energy harvesting.They have developed a tiny chip which reduces our dependence on batteries. Their breakthrough solution can be easily integrated in a broad range of consumer electronics & IoT devices to power their products with clean ambient energy.
  • Waylay makes IoT accessible and of value to everyone. This software company offers a Low-Code Automation Platform to build applications fast and experiment with new use cases. Their customers are startups, developers and SMEs that are ready to start and experiment their IoT journey, as well as large enterprises that want to streamline or renew their Digital Transformation. 
  • Linksight provides the answer to our GDPR struggles. Their technology makes it possible to analyze data without sharing sensitive information. Making privacy-proof data analytics easy and scalable and create data-driven insights out of shared datasets, without actually sharing any sensitive data. How? Through the cryptographic magic of secure multi-party computation (MPC).
  • Teratide provides high-performance analytics solutions for computationally intensive and time-sensitive big data applications. They are specialized in the design, implementation and optimization of accelerated systems by enabling cross-platform in-memory computation and efficient high-performance hardware utilization.

Watch the full event:

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