Startup in the Spotlight: SkillLab

In every sector there is a need for talent, but how do you identify and maximize your talent? This TekDelta startup has the technology to help people capture their skills, explore careers and find the right job. Let us introduce you to SkillLab!  

Tell us about SkillLab what motivated you to start this company?

SkillLab has developed an AI-empowered software solution that helps job seekers explore, capture, and express their skills. Our product enables our customers – career support organizations such as public and private employment services – to better understand their clients and connect them to relevant careers and education. We started SkillLab with the vision to connect people, jobs, and education on the level of skills. With a strong focus on impact, it is our mission to empower people to turn their skills into careers. 

Tell us some unique facts about SkillLab.

  • Our first user (Azza ElHayek) joined us and is now a key leader at SkillLab
  • With exception of (Ludger Weller), all of SkillLab’s team emigrated to the Netherlands
  • SkillLab started with a focus on serving migrants entering the European Union and is now available to all job seekers

Why does the world need your innovation? 

The traditional thinking in degrees and titles marginalizes many job seekers and as a result, there are far too many people in our society that do not have a pathway to employment. Our technology and use of AI provide an exciting new approach to make skill-based career orientation universally accessible.

What will be the next step for your company and what do you need to succeed? 

Over the last 3,5 years, we developed and tested our solution. We are now ready to scale to reach the users and realize the impact we strive for.

How can the TekDelta network/community help you?

We are looking for partners that want to support job seekers and people in the need of career orientation. Together, we want to achieve impact at scale and continuously improve and integrate our technology. 

Want to connect with SkillLab? Get in touch by emailing Or join our community to get access to our platform to meet our high tech scale-ups.