The Best Quotes From Our Warming Up On Smart Mobility And Logistics

Warming Up: Towards the Future of Smart Mobility & Logistics was a huge success! The program of this interactive event was packed with inspiring speakers and pitches that showed the endless possibilities that innovation brings. Moreover, all kinds of connections were made on the spot. In case you missed it, here are some of the best quotes from our speakers.

‘It’s not just about cars, but the whole system that needs to be upgraded!’ Keynote speaker: Tom Selten, Business Development, Lightyear

As our world moves to more sustainable energy sources, Lightyear is driving the development of clean mobility in the automotive industry. Starting from scratch and using a holistic design approach they developed an ultra energy-efficient long-range solar car. ‘Our solar vehicle contains the entire system and is therefore independent of the existing system.’ In addition, ‘With our technology every power socket becomes a charging point and every charging station becomes a fast charger.’ In his keynote, Tom talked about how the company has scaled up, discussed the biggest challenges they face and shared the extraordinary journey they have been on these past few years. Make sure to keep an eye out for these game changers!

‘Smart mobility is not the goal, but the means for the complex challenges that lie ahead.’ Keynote: Joëlle van den Broek Principal Consultant Smart and Safe Mobility, TNO

Joëlle introduced the world of mobility and logistics: ‘We are in a transition and the whole system will be turned upside down. We need to scale up new technologies and tear down the old ones. Old and new systems will have to coexist and the urgent question is: how can you manage this? The answer is complex but it is clear that entrepreneurship and creativity are key in tackling the challenges of the future.’

‘An advantage of starting late is that we can learn a lot from others that went before us.’ Speaker: René Herrewijnen Innovation Community manager, ANWB

‘ANWB faces huge threats and needs to respond strategically with its existing business. For 20 years we have been saying within the ANWB that things will go downwards. If we continue this way we might lose a substantial part of our turnover. Until recently, however, innovation mainly existed in the ‘hobby sphere’. The realisation that innovation is urgent and needs to be well and firmly organised had to settle, and we had to lobby hard. Today ANWB is actively innovating itself in various fields. For example, in the near future ANWB will predict when your engine breaks down or call to tell you your car battery will fail tomorrow. ANWB will prevent damage rather than just repair it.

Aside from these speakers, 4 innovative scale-ups went on stage and shared how their technology is changing the field of mobility and logistics. Click here to find out what Simacan, NEXTdriver, XYZ Dynamics and Leyden Jar Technologies had in store for us.

What’s next:

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