Warming Up: the Impact of Key Enabling Technologies

Join our Warming Up on September 17th! This time we’ll dive into the endless possibilities of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)*. The driving force behind renewal. KETs will change the way we work, live, innovate and produce! Check out the program with inspiring keynotes and game-changing start/scale-ups that use KETs to enable groundbreaking innovations.

Event info

  • Date: September 17
  • Time: 10:00 – 11:30
  • Contact: getconnected@tekdelta.nl
  • Free of charge
  • Register here


  • Welcome: Anita Lieverdink, Director TekDelta
  • Keynote: Bas van der Starre, Research/Consultant Birch
  • Keynote: Daniel Gebler, CTO PICNIC
  • Pitch: Simon Jagers, Samotics
  • Pitch: Constantino Garcia, Nowi
  • Pitch: Piet Vandaele/Margot Van den Poel, Waylay
  • Promising KETs Startups: Linksight, Teratide,
  • END

Keynote Speakers

Daniel Gebler

Daniel Gebler is CTO of Picnic, the world’s fastest growing online supermarket that makes grocery shopping simple, fun, and affordable for everyone. With their hardware and software solutions, they provide delivery services that save time and create a supply chain that fights food waste. Previously, Daniel was Director R&D of Fredhopper, responsible for the product and technology roadmap, and led engineering teams located in Amsterdam and Sofia. Daniel holds a PhD in Computer Science and an MBA.

Bas van der Starre

“Bas van der Starre is researcher and advisor at Birch, where he focuses on innovation ecosystems. His studies in Science & Innovation Management led to his interest in how new technologies can radically change the existing relationships and balance in established ecosystems. What is happening? Why does one ecosystem change radically and the other hardly or not at all? And how do public parties influence this? For Birch, he now specializes in deep tech and startup ecosystems.”

Scale-Ups on Stage

The three scale-ups below have been nominated and selected by our network of hubs, they will take the stage to showcase the impact they make with their KETs.


In 2015, Samotics launched a mission to eliminate unplanned downtime and industrial energy waste. Since then they have evolved their predictive maintenance system, SAM4, into a robust and high-accuracy failure detection technology. SAM4 is a plug & play condition monitoring system for AC motors and rotating equipment such as pumps, fans, and conveyors. It monitors the condition of assets and sends an alert when it detects failures or adverse operating conditions – typically weeks or months before downtime happens. The online dashboard offers additional insights into the condition, performance, and energy consumption of connected assets.


Nowi is a semiconductor company, based in Delft, specialized in the field of energy harvesting. Their breakthrough energy harvesting power management solutions can be easily integrated by OEMs in a broad range of consumer electronics & IoT devices to power their products with clean ambient energy. Our technology aims at eliminating the use of polluting primary batteries thereby solving one of the greatest challenges for smart & sustainable energy transition. Our first commercialized chipset, the NH2, is the world’s smallest energy harvesting PMIC while having one of the highest average efficiencies in the market making it very attractive for space and cost-constrained low-power applications.


Waylay is a leading enterprise IT-OT digital unification software company delivering low-code based orchestration, automation and analytics software solutions. Waylay has a passion for supporting citizen developer communities and ensuring it puts all valuable data to work for developers, data scientists and domain experts. Waylay makes the digital transformation painless and allows a seamless deployment from idea to working use case in just hours.

Startups to watch out for

This time we have also added short pitches of promising KETs startups you should watch out for! Get a glimpse of the future of Key Enabling Technologies with for example:


Linksight makes it possible to perform analyses over data from multiple parties in a safe and privacy-friendly way, providing Linked Insights. This is done without actually sharing the sensitive data with others and with you staying in full control of your data,


Teratide provides high-performance analytics solutions for computationally intensive and time-sensitive big data applications. We are specialized in the design, implementation and optimization of accelerated systems by enabling cross-platform in-memory computation and efficient high-performance hardware utilization.

This plenary event is the prelude to our matchmaking event TekDelta Connects on Oct. 12, where we will set up 1-on-1 meetups between TekDelta partners and our start/scale-ups. For more info email getconnected@tekdelta.nl.

*With KETs we refer to digital technologies, quantum technologies, advanced materials, engineering & manufacturing technologies, nanotechnology and photonics.