Meet Douwe van den Wall Bake: Innovation Manager at TBI

What do you do as an Innovation Manager?
As an innovation manager at TBI Holdings (Technology Building and Infrastructure), my role is to challenge the board and create an effective climate for our 20 TBI daughter companies. These companies are active in different markets and my goal is to enhance their maturity and stimulate innovation from culture to scalable businesses. For example with the ‘TBI Innovatieprijs’, an innovation fund and products that facilitate peer to peer learning and inspiration.

What are the current trends in your market?
From a societal viewpoint, the biggest trend is making the energy transition happen. The new challenges often require complete new and more multifunctional and integrated solutions. Another trend is the request for multifunctional objects which require stakeholder management 2.0. Residential areas for example are also becoming energy production sites and play an essential role in water management. Looking at technology, AI is going to be big! For TBI the focus will be on managing the design process for complex building objects.

It’s great that our next event on sept. 24 will be focused on AI! We recently moved our events online due to the coronavirus outbreak. What do you think of our digital events?
I love matchmaking online! For me, it’s much easier to involve intrapreneurs from the TBI daughter companies. It would also be great to have the TekDelta knowledge sharing sessions online and host round table discussions. I’m quite sure we will continue to have interesting dialogues with each other even online.

Do you have a tip for new TekDelta partners that want to innovate?
Have patience. Start from the beginning. The only way to create an enduring innovative company is by taking the long stairway with small steps. It’s about creating a culture.

What would your tip be for startups that want to work with a large organization?
Choose your launching customers wisely. Don’t just focus on who has the biggest market share, but think in terms of co-development. Also, don’t think you are going to be a unicorn, but ask yourself with who you can develop things and make an impact. Use this perspective to talk to the right customers.