Meet Jacco Saaman from SPIE

Who are you? And what organization do you work for?
My name is Jacco Saaman and I work as Innovation & Business Development Director for SPIE. SPIE is an international company that services the demands of our clients while contributing to sustainable development. We work on improving buildings, energy, smart city and industry environment. We support our clients with consultancy, engineering, realization, control and maintenance. In order to do that we work with partners and deliver technology.

What are SPIE’s innovation opportunities and challenges?
Innovation for us is for a great deal collaboration. We combine all kinds of technology to deliver a product or service. Meaning if there are innovative technologies available, we can offer them together with the partners to their or our clients.

Our major challenges are Energy transition, Health and Well Being, Safety on Digitalization and People and Sustainability. Another challenge in our market is finding motivated skilled labor. We are for example working on topics like e-mobility, sensoring air quality-dust-temperature, analytics (predictive – prescriptive), deep learning, connectivity for all 4G-5G etc.

Why did you decide to join TekDelta?
Via TekDelta, I can find the best start/scale-ups to collaborate with. Companies who are open to sharing their ideas and technology, so that we can develop business together in order to make a profit and service client demands. I am looking forward to working together and supporting new businesses, new ideas and create a future for many!